We are Avalanche.

Avalanche Media Studios were built to be unique. With a solid foundation in commercial sales and a strong understanding of what creative agencies are for, we appreciate creativity is just as important as price, reliability and speed.

Over the past decade we have learned important lessons in what makes a successful project. As we evolved, we recognised the more we offered in-house solutions, the easier our clients lives were. The benefits of a multi-skilled creative team meant our MD’s, Sales and Marketing Managers could, with one account manager, have their website, brand, social media and videos addressed.

We’re not the largest company in the world, we’ve learned that rapid team expansion comes with management/quality control challenges, so we have only a handful of big regular clients (the SOLICITORS group, Associated Beauty Therapists, Professional Dentistry) and the rest are made up of annual projects with the likes of the YHA, Finishing Touches, Cryosthetics, Emergency Services Show, Snizl, Egress Software etc.

The team is made up of our CEO, Scott Marson, Producer Jonathan Gray, Technical creative Adam Turner, Creative Josh Jameson, PR consultant Melissa Dennis, Marketing & Business Strategy consultants Dave Horton and Glynn Sherwood and Advertising consultant Amelia Black. We’re very proud that all our clients have stayed with us since the start and that we have had the opportunity to grow with them.

Scott Photo

Scott Marson


Scott is a creative entrepreneur with over 15 years in the professional beauty sector.

He is unique in the industry as CEO of Avalanche Media Studios, the UK’s only Beauty Media Studio, Clinic Director and Finishing Touches trained Scalp Microtech at ftg-FUSION-Derby and Student Brand Ambassador for the UK’s largest beauty membership & insurance company ABT.

Jonathan Photo

Jonathan Gray

Operations Manager

Jonathan keeps everyone in check in the studio and organises everything from workflow, Scott’s student tours in Ireland, accounts, all the CPD training for TSG and even the coaches at the Irish Beauty Show.

Despite his amazing skills in efficiency, he’s a great camera operator (with a film degree), film editor and can even edit InDesign files.

The man’s a legend and much loved by our clients.

Adam Photo

Adam Turner

Technical Manager

After completing his Media Production degree, Adam worked as a camera man for Derby
County FC until he joined Avalanche. He account manages a number of clients as a talented graphic designer and supports the rest of the crew as camera man and film editor.

He ventured into the world of web 2 years ago, originally building our own website but was shortly working with our clients to update theirs too using WordPress.

Josh Photo

Josh Jameson

Creative Designer

Josh was already a successful illustrator in his own right when he joined Avalanche and when he’s not drawing and animating, he works with the crew to edit films and design.

Josh recently become the SOLICITORS group account manager freeing up more time for Adam to concentrate on online projects.

Glynn Photo

Glynn Sherwood

Business Growth Manager

Glynn is a real anomoly, he not only cares whether his clients are successful as a result of his ideas and proposed investment, but he also knows every brand in the industry we work in.

He is a respected member of the industry and is often as passionate about the success of his clients campaigns as they are.

Ellie Photo

Ellie Jansen

Social Media Executive

Despite her age, Ellie is already setting the social media stage alight as a blogger / influencer with tremendous energy, intelligence and enthusiasm for her work. Jonathan, Josh, Scott and Ellie work collectively on behalf of the client to manage their social media.
Dedicated to the industry

In-house Beauty Clinic
& Micropigmentaion Trained MD

Our studio can be adapted for any purpose but we’ve focused on making it the perfect environment for beauty (cosmetic/medical) training experts to film their courses. There’s also a facility for HD livestreaming via YouTube and with the location in the country and facilities it makes it a very unique offering.

If you’re looking for space to film your courses and/or hold a training event give Scott a call on 07481 104 701.